We reveal and realize opportunity -
clinically, operationally, and financially.

We reveal and realize opportunity—opportunity to transform healthcare to a value-based, patient-centered, sustainable system. A system where clinical, operational and financial outcomes are balanced and optimized. We are relentlessly focused on meeting our partners’ requirements for meaningful results. Our powerful analytics enable informed decisions. Our technology drives clinical workflow. Our honed business processes drive efficiency, and engaged providers act as clinical stewards in the delivery of compassionate care.  These partnerships forge a bold path for a new model of healthcare—and your daring transformation.

Let Us Show You

As a solutions company for hospitals and post-acute communities, we have a singular mission—to transform healthcare from the inside out.

Flexible, Proven Service Models

triangle management and consulting

Whether your hospital prefers to retain employment of physicians or outsource employment to HNI, we align your clinical teams to hospital goals and integrate processes to impact care, costs and culture. HNI’s exclusive HNICore program provides onboarding, training and resources to educate physicians on the business of healthcare and to support clinical best practices.

triangle technology

VitalsMD™ is a user-friendly, SaaS-based software that harnesses real-time, physician-generated data to provide analytics, reporting, communication and resources to support clinical decisions at the point of care. A hospital-based performance platform, VitalsMD empowers clinical teams to identify and improve key quality metrics, including: throughput, CMI, LOS, HCAHPS and documentation accuracy.

triangle consulting

An objective, third-party consultation provides an honest practice assessment to identify actionable strategies to improve operational and financial performance. HNI offers consultation packages of varying depths of analysis to help your medical facility identify the best pathway to performance improvement.

triangle fully outsourced
Fully Outsourced

Inclusive of VitalsMD, COREIntel, COREAdvisory, HNI on-site management, HNI-employed Providers, and HNI revenue cycle management.